Remove shadow in player

Jan 14, 2016

I have changed most of my colours in my custom player. There is one very annoying one I would like to remove/make transparent. Does anyone know how to remove the shadow/glow around the boxes (menu, resources, etc.) I've attached an image so you can see what I mean. Help would be appreciated!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! May I ask, as you mentioned this is a custom player, how did you make it? If you used the SDK, then unfortunately we may not be able to assist you further here. However, if by 'custom' you mean that you changed the colors, and rearranged components, we may be able to help. 

Can you please share any additional details and possibly your file as well so that we can take a closer look for you?

Vanessa M

Hi Christie,

It would be great if you could help because I've given up. By custom I mean I don't put my menu on the left. I put it beside Resources and Exit at the top right. I do this in the Player by adding MENU in the Player Tabs. Take a look at my image attached to see how my tabs display. I have tested just about every color options I can under "Colors & Effects"... nothing seems to get rid of the glow/shadow. I changed some of the transparencies to 100% that doesn't work either.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- We'd be happy to take a look, however, I wanted to mention that when you reply via email, any attachments you intended to send are not accessible here in the thread. Please click here to be taken to the thread itself and use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box, and you can then browse for your file and upload from there. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- My apologies; I should clarify that what I'd really like to take a look at is your source file, or the .story file itself. Please feel free to remove any confidential or sensitive client information if that poses an issue for sharing here in the thread, or you are welcome to use this form to share your file for private review offline

Christie Pollick

Hmmmn, Vanessa -- This is proving to be a bit more challenging than I would have anticipated, so I am going to escalate your inquiry to our Support Engineers to see if they are able to offer any additional suggestions. I was not able to see a way to remove the shadow effect as requested, and I want to double check as to whether or not it would be possible to do this at this time. If not, we may need to request that you go ahead and submit a feature request. 

I'll send in your ticket and you'll be hearing from a member of the support staff via email shortly. Your patience is appreciated! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Susana -- When I performed a check in our system to see if there was an update on Rosie's case, it looks like our engineers sent an email on 1/15/16 requesting her file once more and perhaps that message was not received, as I do not see additional activity on the case. As I am not aware of a way to remove the shadow effect as requested, you may find it beneficial to share your own file with our engineers via this form, and I will be sure to follow along with their progress. :)

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