Removing objects from master slide focus order

Apr 26, 2021

The Feedback Master I'm working with right now has a lot of objects I do not want in my focus order. When I switch to feedback master view, I don't have the option of right clicking  on the objects I want to remove from the focus order, so I can't uncheck the "object is visible to accessibility tools" box. In the attached file, I want to remove the last 6 items from the focus order, and nothing I'm doing is working.

Is this just a glitch in my software, or am I not supposed to be able to remove it?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Abbigail,

Thank you for sharing your project file so that I could take a look at your setup and the Focus Order.

I'm able to remove the items from the Focus Order as expected on the Feedback Master. I've recorded a quick Peek 360 video walking through your file and attached the updated file.

Diarmaid Collins

As far as I am aware (please someone correct me if I am wrong) the only way to do so is by being on the relevant Master Slide (and/or Master Slide Layer if that's in your workflow) and simply selecting all items, right-clicking (while hovering over the edge of an item) and choosing Accessibility and then toggling the Object is visible to accessibility tools button to off.

This will remove the items (on that slide only) from the list. Repeat on any other Master Slide or Master Slide Layer as needed. Not terribly convenient, I admit, but also, not terribly inconvenient either. :)

If there was a way that we could re-order items within the Master Slides and be able to roll that out to the Focus Order on ALL slides in one go would be awesome.

I know one cannot access the Focus Order within the Master Slide area, but even if one could just open Focus Order on the first slide within the build and be able to shift items around (like we can do a lot more easily now) but then click an "Apply to all slides" option, this would restore my faith in Storyline and the development team.

I could then spend all that saved time focussing on the accessibility of the main content and not have to repeat the same tedious repetitive sequencing of Master Slide items on every. single. slide.