Removing Player Buttons from Layers

Jun 13, 2013

How does one remove the player buttons (Previous and Next) from a slide layer?  For example, I have a base slide that has the Previous and Next buttons.  The learner is given the option to click on an object to view additional inforamation.  The learner is taken to a slide layer.  From the slide layer, I create a "Close" button so that the learner can return to the base slide.  However, the problem is that the the Previous and Next button appear on the slide layer.  I don't want these buttons to be available from the slide layer.

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Greg Pierce

I decided to create a another slide (to represent a pop-up window) instead of a layer.  The other slide is in a different scene, labeled Pop-Up Windows.  I removed the player buttons from the slide in the Pop-Up Windows Scene.  What I did is link from the base slide in one scene to a different slide in another scene which is not linked to the previous scene.  I get the same output.  I think this is much easier to do.  My Pop-up Window Scene is not linked to another other scenes.  

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