Removing Timing from all slides in Storyline

Hi - i have imported a 165 slide presentation from ppt into storyline. Storyline has applied a 4 second timeing to all of the slides. Is there a way to remove the timing from all of the slides so the participant can control when the slides change?

I have seen the tutorial instructing the change for a single slide using slide properties (see image). I would really like to avoid having to do this 165 times if i can. Does anyone whow how i can achieve the same effect across all of the slides in the presentation?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alain,

That's right – when you select "By User," the learner must click the Next button to move to the next slide. It will not advance automatically. 

There isn't a way to change the duration of multiple slide timelines at once, but I'll let our team know you have a need for that kind of feature. 

Steve Flowers

Another trick that might be helpful. Let's say you have a slide that somehow extended to 1 minute but you only have 15 seconds of audio on the slide and need the slide to be 15 seconds long. That's a lot of dragging for longer timelines. 

While dragging the "end time" to the left, if you hit the left arrow key, it'll snap to the end of the last item that appears in the timeline. If that item is audio, it'll make your timeline as long as the audio. If it's another item on the timeline, it'll give you a little bit of space but will end the timeline around the time of that shape or object. 

Daryl Meissner

I would like this feature as well.  I have imported a series of brief animation mp4 videos that auto loop. For each one Storyline seems to have randomly assigned slide duration. Each animation is no more than 4 seconds yet Storyline randomly made some slides 10 seconds, and others 21 seconds.  I would like to select all those slides and set them to the same value.  There are no other elements on the slides that would impact the duration. No audio, no delayed content, etc. All elements start when timeline starts and end when timeline ends.