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Feb 19, 2015


     I brought this up a while back and even made an enhancement request for it because the functionality for the replay button seems broken to me when you have a slide and/or its layers set to Resume Saved State.  If you click the button nothing happens.  If you put yourself in a learner's shoes, this button is broken because clicking it does nothing.  You cannot have a visible feature where it only works in certain cases.  To me, this seems like an easy fix that should have happened already.

     Either the replay button needs to become hidden when a slide is set to Resume Saved State (which I see being difficult because this needs to take into account for each layer, as well) or the other option would be to have the replay button be INDEPENDENT of the slide setting (which is how I would think you would set this up).  The replay button should simply replay the current slide.  The Resume Saved State should do what it does now.  With this being said, if I have a slide set to this, when I come back to this slide I should pick up where I left off and still be able to click the replay button rather than it being broken, as it is now.  I think this is pretty straightforward but if I haven't explained my thoughts clearly enough, please let me know.

     I have no problem with limitations or certain workarounds.  If someone from Articulate can explain to me why the functionality is the way it is without sending me to your documentation I would appreciate it.  I am just looking for an answer that explains why it is okay to have a broken button on the screen, that's all.  I was really hoping this would be fixed with Articulate 2.  If you have no plans on changing this functionality then just me and I will drop it.  I really enjoy your product and use it to its full potential all of the time.  I guess that's why I am frustrated that something so simple has been overlooked for so long.  

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Thanks for reaching out here in regards to the rewind/replay button. As for the why behind the functionality or why we have a "broken button" as you may have seen from the documentation we don't consider it to be broken, but working as expected.  If you'd like to have it not be displayed for particular slides, you'd need to remove the seekbar as a whole (that will impact any layers as well) and then the users wouldn't see a button that didn't operate as they may expect. 

I know you mentioned sharing your thoughts in the form of a feature request already, and those do go to our product development team for review. I can't comment on the specifics of particular features and/or their potential for inclusion in new updates or releases, but the more feature requests the better as then our team can see how many users really would like a particular feature. 

If there is anything else I can assist with, please let us know. 

Brian Seaman

I have seen this but then you lose the ability for the learner to play/pause/scroll the seekbar.  To me, this is not a solution since you are now eliminating player features.  I don't believe this a feature request.  I am not asking the software to add something.  I am asking the software to work as it should.  If you design a course where you want all of the slides to resume the saved state because that's what your usability testing showed and also would like the seekbar enabled, I feel like that is something that should be doable.  

I am done bringing this up because it appears a fix for this will not happen.  I show this to colleagues and learners at our user groups and everyone pretty much says the same thing... the replay button should replay the slide and the slide state should be independent of that.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

I'm sorry that this set up doesn't work for how you would like/expect it to work, and I do see that this was something you shared last year with our team in the form of a feature request. That's the best method right now, as even though it may not work as you'd like or users expect it is working as designed. 

I wish I had more information to offer you, but if there is anything additional to share I'll be sure to post here. Again, you're welcome and encouraged to share your thoughts here in the forums and directly with our development team in the form of a feature request. 

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist. 

Lynn Mathew

This specific issue has also caused me immense problems and serious stress as my project is totally video based and I bought the software on the premise that it handled video. I am looking particularly stupid in my client's eyes for obviously not understanding the software I am using, and resorting to "sorry it doesn't do that but I didn't know", and indeed how it (does not) display on different browsers. It is clear that SL2 does not truly support video use as the average user today would expect and is indeed used to. Users need to see how much longer the video has to play, they need to be able to scroll back to earlier stages in a reasonably accurate way, they need to be able to replay at any stage (on ALL browsers) and the developer needs to have the choice of the video being independent of the saved/initial status of the slide. Training today is very much video based and SL2 needs to support this. My rant is based on all these being a problem, having doubled my development time, and at the last minute before sending to the client tomorrow discovering that iOS8 will no longer even display the video scrollbar at all until the end of the video, where it doesn't actually work at all! My sincere apologies to Mr Seaman for ranting on your post, but it really has hit a very raw nerve. It is 23.30 on a Sat night and I am still trying to work around the latest video scrollbar issue. And I used to think that Premiere Pro's technical issues were a nightmare - it's a pussycat by comparison. Sorry.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynn,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you've run into as well, and I just had a few questions or thoughts to clarify the issues.

In regards to video specifically, you mentioned the video seekbar within iOS - is this the HTML5 or the Mobile Player output? I don't see a similar issue, so we'd want to take a look at your course and know more about what version/update of Storyline and iOS you're using, where you're viewing the content, etc.

Also, in regards to videos and being able to scrub through them - have you looked at including the video seekbar instead of just the slide timeline seekbar? These items would operate independently than, but that would allow you to have the user be able to replay the video using that seekbar regardless of your slide layer properties. 

You mentioned it also isn't working in particular browsers, but I didn't see mention of which ones? Are you using the supported browsers as detailed here? You may want to compare this list with any similar information from your LMS or hosting site to see if they have particular browsers they recommend as well. 

If you'd like to share a copy of your .story file here with us we're happy to take a look. Also, you're always welcome to connect with our Support team to go over these issues on "off hours". 

Lynn Mathew

Hi Ashley,

My apologies for a delayed reply. I was tied up completing the project. Thank you for your response to my garbled 'rant'.

Project background: to train employees in product evaluation using video demonstration. There is no right or wrong answer to their scores and they are able to go back and forwards to change scores. Html5 requirement across both iPad and PC (internet Explorer). It is not being used within an LMS. I tested on Windows7 IE11, and iPad2 iOS8. Using SL2.

I was displaying video ( approx. 100 of them) in two different ways: 1) short clips which also had text and a scoring system on the same page and needed to be Saved State to be able to go back and review or change the scores. I used the video control bar for these because the slide seekbar does not replay under those conditions, and also did not use the quiz slides but designed my own, and 2) longer videos with embedded voiceover with a lot of text coming in at different points, so needed to always sync with the text. I used the slide seekbar for these.

The video controls were mostly fine on IE (see below) and also using the amp. However the client did not want to use the amp because they wanted browser access for various reasons. I only belatedly tested on Safari (the 2.5 GB project took over 2 hours for me to upload to my server, so I did not do that as often as I should have).  With Safari/html5 the video controls/ scrollbar would fleetingly appear at the bottom of the video, but then disappear. They would then reappear at the end but be totally inactive. I was not able to pause, restart or replay the videos. I could not use the slide seekbar because of the Saved State not allowing replay. I worked round it by inserting my own stop/start buttons.

On IE the pause/play/replay worked fine, but the scrollbar did not provide an accurate enough control to jump to specific points in the video, which my clients wanted. The video scrollbar was quite erratic as a means of control and my client was very disatisfied with this, coupled with the video controls not working at all on Safari.

Unfortunately I can't share the project with you for confidentiality reasons. I am also now away from my office for a while with no access to decent internet (I've gone in to hiding, ha ha!)

Basically what is needed is for the video control scrollbar to allow better scrolling control, and also for it to actually work with html5/Safari.

I would like to say a big thank you to all staff, heroes and members for their most helpful comments over the last few months on my first SL project!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynn,

No apologies necessary! 

So, a few different things - first, the play/pause/seekbar buttons missing when viewing the HTML5 output in Mobile Safari is an issue documented here.   It'll be fixed in a forthcoming software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable theCheck for updates at startup feature to be notified when new updates are available.

In regards to the issues you're having with Internet Explorer, it's not a supported browser for HTML5 content as detailed here and that's based on how IE handles HTML5 content, which you can get a sense of by visiting a site such as

Let me know if I missed anything or if you need any additional help. 

Lynn Mathew

Thank  you Ashley. All dealt with on this occasion. I appreciate  your response. As a learner and non-IT person it is difficult to appreciate how important it is to view projects in its final status as  you don't genuinely understand the implications (ha ha I do now!!). Please pass on to marketing and sales !!! I have huge respect to all help staff and hero help, and also your IT development people. Less so for marketing on what it offers (Now there's a surprise)  Again, thank you to all responses, and please tell marketing and sales to be a little more explicit where the software actually works. (Unlikely, that's Marketing!)  

Amaia Quesada

Hello Ashley

I am also having issues with the seekbar-replay feature. I want the slides to be "resume saved state" so that the learner can quickly move through the slides once completed; however I would like them to be able to replay them from the beginning if wished. If I have "resume saved state" but let them rewind, then the objects in the slide with triggers get messy as some objects stay in the slide and others appear slowly as the seekbar advances.

I really don't know how to go about it.

I leave you here a slide so that you can see what I refer to.

As is now, my solution is to get rid of the seekbar so that they don't run into any unexpected states of the slide. However, they will find this quite limiting. 

Isn't there a trigger called "restart slide" as there is one to restart the course? Basically, something with the functionality of the replay arrow button that comes with the seekbar, but just by itself, that works also when "resume saved state"? It surprises me that this is not available, as I believe it is a basic and very user-friendly feature that most users would wish for.

Thanks in advance


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amaia,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your project.

It sounds like you would like the learner to go through the slides the first time, then be able to move around as they wish, which is what restricted navigation is for. You can read some additional details here

The Rewind button on the seekbar is dependent on the setting of the slide properties, which is why it's not starting over if the setting is to resume saved state.

We do have a feature request that we are tracking to allow for additional features and controls of the rewind button and I've added this conversation to the report.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.

Brad Walker

I too have a course where I want to retain the saved state, so that the learner can review what they have entered. In this case the REPLAY button is visible but does not do anything (as describe and raised in countless posts already).

I also need the ability for the learner to replay the slide as there is audio content and they may wish to listen to it again.

This means that I need to have the SEEK bar enabled so they can listen to the audio again.

It does seem odd to me to have a button on the slide that behaves differently to what a learner would intuitively believe it should based on whether there is animation or layers on the slide (if you set to Automatically Decide) or just does not work (when you set to Resume Saved State).

The easiest solutions imo would be to:

  1. Grey out the REPLAY button when it is not available.
  2. Separate the SEEK BAR and REPLAY button in the course player settings, so one can be turned on and the other turned off.

Am I missing something?

Greg Poole


I have to chime in on this issue (again!) --> the sometimes non-functioning replay button on the screen is, simply, a fail of the first order. If it's there, are users going to try to click it? Of course they are! It comes across as disingenuous to say it is 'working as expected' because, outside of Articulate staff, the behaviour is anything BUT expected.

Articulate coders, can you PLEASE modify the Replay button --> Brian's suggestions from the previous post are perfect.



Andreia Rodrigues

It is UNBELIEVABLE how a big company like Articulate ignore their customer. We pay a lot (it is not a cheap license) for this software, and we have asked for simple features for OVER 7 YEARS, and we get nowhere!
From today I will send a form for a feature request for this and another one (import video with alpha background) every day in the hopes they will at least address it, put it on the roadmap or something. 
You guys can send a request too. Here is the link.

There is another thread about this going on up to this day.

Elena Fobert

Hi All,

I'm having similar issues. I got a request from a user to be able to rewind audio to replay at a specific point. Replay starts the slide over from the beginning, and if I use the seek bar to back up, the slide goes back but the audio doesn't - it just resumes where you left off.

Is there a way for a user to click the seek bar to replay the slide AND audio at that time point?