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Aug 27, 2020

Can someone help clear up my confusion? Thanks in advance.

LMS Reporting gives you 4 choices - I use Completed/Incomplete when there isn't a quiz contained in the course.  I also use track using the Complete trigger. My confusion is that the complete course trigger is "Completed/Passed" but there isn't a similar completion in the LMS reporting status.

What is the difference between "Completed/Failed" and "Completed/Incomplete".  Why not "Completed/Passed" just like for tracking?

Hope this makes sense.  This issue has arisen because the LMS is not showing the course as Completed when the student has finished the course. The LMS is registering it as In Progress.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Brian Allen

Here's a great support article that details how this works -

Essentially, when you're looking at your course trigger, when you set it to "Completed/Passed", you're telling it to send a "Completed" status if you've used either of the two "Completed" status options in LMS Reporting. The trigger will send a "Passed" status if  you've used either of the two "Passed" options in LMS Reporting.

Same goes for Incomplete/Failed. What gets sent to the LMS will depend on your LMS Tracking option chosen in your publish settings.

Brian Allen
Tex Hale

What is the difference between "Completed/Failed" and "Completed/Incomplete". 

The difference here is this:
If I've chosen "Completed/Incomplete", and I've not met completion requirements (score or slides viewed percentage) my LMS will record my attempt as Incomplete, leaving me essentially in progress. We use this a lot with non-certification assessments where we want the learner to remain in progress if they finish with a failing score.

If I've chosen "Completed/Failed", and I've not met completion requirements, my LMS will record my attempt as completed, rather than in progress, with a Failed status. This would be helpful if you want to make sure that a learner cannot restart the course/assessment without first being directed to some remedial training.

With that being said, I find very few use case scenarios for using "completed/failed". We generally use "Complete/Incomplete" for non-certification courses where we want learners to be able to restart without restriction, and "Passed/Failed" for certification courses where we want to restrict restarts.

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