Reporting open-ended responses and close-ended scores

May 11, 2020

I think I understand my options here, but I'd like to confirm before I move forward with my project.  I'm using Storyline 3.

I have an instructor who wants to include different types of questions in an Articulate "course", which will be set up in Blackboard.  Some of the questions will be close-ended questions (e.g. multiple choice), but some need to be open-ended responses (essay). 

When it comes to reporting to Blackboard, these are my options:

  • Survey results slide:  All questions set up as ungraded survey questions.  Students automatically receive full points for completion (not correctness); instructor can review their responses to both types of questions by opening the attempt details in the Bb Grade Center.
  • Survey results slide:  All questions set up as ungraded survey questions. Instructor manually assigns/overrides the total score for this activity in the Bb Grade Center column after reviewing student responses to both types of questions...all responses appear in the attempt details.
  • Survey results slide:  Basically the same as above, but I help the instructor out by using variables to calculate a sub-score from the close-ended questions, feeding this number to the survey results slide. That number is reported to Bb along with the open-ended responses.  When the instructor opens the attempt details, they can add their sub-score for open-ended questions to the provided sub-score for close-ended questions, and manually input the total score in the Bb Grade Center.  
  • Graded results slide:  Close-ended questions set up as graded.  Open-ended questions still have to be set up as ungraded.  Instructor can have Storyline automatically score the close-ended questions and report the score to Blackboard.  However, the instructor will be unable to review student responses to open-input questions, since the latter can only be reported via a Survey results slide, and Blackboard can only receive one results slide from a single Storyline "course".

Am I correct so far?

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