Reporting Quiz results with Scorm 1.2

Aug 12, 2021


I created a Storyline 360 course with multiple scenes (11 to be precise) that have 2 question quizzes at the end of each scene.

I have one results slide that is set up to capture the results of all quizzes. When I tested it in the LMS (CD2) yesterday, I answered the questions in the first three scenes, and then I exited the lesson. The LMS did not record the results. I went back today and finished the course and answered the remaining questions. The LMS only recorded my score for today's questions and gave me a 73% even though I got all questions correct over two days.

Is there a setting I need to check in my results slide to save the results from the first day? My learners will not watch the entire course in one day. Thanks in advance.

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Becca Levan
Hello Chuck, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ⭐️
Happy to dig into this with you!
I’d love to look at your project if possible so I can take a look at your current settings and help get to the bottom of this. Feel free to share it with the Add Attachment button or privately with me here, and I’ll delete it once done testing.