Requesting for an effective Storyboard for my portfolio

Jul 05, 2023

Dear eLearning Heroes,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is anjaan, and I am an enthusiastic eLearning developer passionate about creating immersive and impactful learning experiences. I have been an avid follower of eLearning Heroes and greatly admire the valuable resources and community you provide.

I am reaching out to you today to seek your guidance and advice regarding an essential aspect of my eLearning portfolio: storyboards. I firmly believe that incorporating compelling storyboards is key to creating effective and engaging eLearning courses. However, I find myself in need of further assistance and insight on this crucial aspect of course development.

Storyboards play a vital role in shaping the overall structure and flow of an eLearning module. They serve as a blueprint, allowing me to visualize the narrative, interactions, and multimedia elements of the course. By working on well-crafted storyboards, I can ensure a seamless and coherent learning experience for my audience.

I am eager to expand my portfolio and showcase my skills as an eLearning developer. While I have a good grasp of the theoretical aspects of storyboarding, I would greatly appreciate any tips, best practices, or examples you can provide to help me improve my storyboarding techniques. Whether it's guidance on structuring branching scenarios, incorporating gamification elements, or utilizing multimedia effectively, I am open to any suggestions you may have.

Additionally, if you could direct me to any resources, courses, or webinars that focus specifically on storyboarding for eLearning, it would be incredibly valuable to my professional growth. I am committed to honing my skills and staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in the eLearning industry.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I am eager to learn from your expertise and contribute to the eLearning community. I look forward to your response and the opportunity to enhance my eLearning portfolio with captivating storyboards.

Warm regards,


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Luciana Piazza

Hello anji, and congrats on your first post in the E-Learning Heroes Community! Glad you're here! 🥳

Happy to chat with you about all things storyboarding!

Storyboards are a blueprint for an e-learning course. There is no specific guideline that determines what to include in a storyboard; it varies according to the project and people involved. Common storyboard elements include: Screen ID, text, multimedia, narration, and navigation details.

To get you started, I have some articles and resources I'd like to send your way: 

Feel free to take a look around and let us know if any other questions come up! 

I'd also like to open this conversation up to our fabulous community members to share any tips and tricks that they've discovered along the way when building storyboards for their projects!

Hope this helps!