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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Linda, welcome to the community! 

You'll need to do two things to reset the drag and drop interaction:

  • In the slide properties window, choose When revisiting: Reset to Initial State
  • Add this trigger to the Reset button: Jump to slide [drag and drop slide] when the user clicks the Reset button.

Now the reset button essentially resets the timeline and resets the slide to it's initial state. 

I hope that helps!

linda hopkinson


I have already done both of the actions you have suggested below but it still doesn’t reset to original state. It either removes the option you have tried but then if you click reset again you get what shows on my screen shot below where the text moves and doesn’t display properly- any advice appreciated!


Walt Hamilton

Create a slide before the DnD slide that is a copy of the DnD. Set it to jump to the DnD when the timeline starts. Set the DnD to reset to initial condition. Set the reset to jump to the slide before the DnD. Resets positions of objects, number of attempts, etc., but if you have manually changed variables on the DnD, they won't be reset.