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Jul 31, 2012

Hi again...

I have another question-

I made a drag and drop interaction with 2 attempts.

I want to do this - after the user try once, he gets a "try again" feedback.  when he start the interaction again, I want the objects draged, to go back to their initial place.. and then when he fail, he will get the fail feedback.

If the user continue the course and from some reason wants to go back to this drag and drop slide, I dont want him to do the interaction again... so the system will remember...

I tried many things like- "resume saved state" but it doesn't help...

Thank you again!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Cheryl, welcome to the community

I have a hunch there's an easier way to do this, and I hope another community member feels welcome to jump in if so, but I've set it up using a two-step process.

First, I built a trigger on the Try Again button of the Try Again layer that jumps back to the original Drag and Drop slide when the user clicks the Try Again button:

After that, with the base layer of my Drag and Drop selected in the slide panel, I set the properties using the cog wheel to Reset the slide to its initial state when revisiting. 

Give that a shot and see if it works for you. And of course, come on back and let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome again, Cheryl

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