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May 02, 2014

I have a project with content on the base layer, and video narration on a new layer.  The reason for this is because the video often covers content on the base layer, and learners can pause/hide the video if they want to see anything. 

I've set the layer to resume saved state so they can pick right back up where they left off as they show the layer again.  I've found that doing this disables the rewind button on the seekbar, which is kinda annoying. Learners CAN click within the seekbar to navigate timeline, but that's not immediately obvious and folks might get frustrated that the rewind button doesn't do anything. So folks who have reached the end of the layer timeline and want to re-watch it don't have an immediately obvious way to do so.

I've tried making triggers to "jump to slide" but that doesn't seem to reset it either, even though the slide itself is set to reset to initial state. Aside from clicking back on the timeline in the seekbar (in between the play/rewind buttons that do nothing), all they can do is navigate away then return to the slide. 

If I make the layer reset to initial state, everything rewinds properly, but the videos are a few minutes long and every time they hide the layer to see base layer contents, it would rewind and they'd lose their spot haha.

Can anyone think of an elegant way to allow learners to rewind a layer set to resume saved state?  I can use buttons to trigger the video, but there are other things happening on the layer timeline, I kinda need the whole layer reset.

Thanks for any ideas!


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James McLuckie

Hi There

I have encountered this situation too. I have a course where I don't want the slide to reset to initial state, because learners would have to sit through audio and retake quizzes etc. However, I want to give the learners the facility to rewind it back to the start using the rewind button, if they want to review it.

I know that they can drag the seekbar back to the start but this is not obvious when there is a rewind/replay button there. Most users are always going to go for that first and assume there is a glitch because it doesn't do anything. My client has just been user testing and every tester reported this as an "issue". 

So ... any update on this being added as a feature request? It seems perfectly logical to me to just let the slide rewind regardless of the revisit option.

And if it IS being implemented, any chance it could be tomorrow please? ;-)  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

We don't share product roadmaps or lists of new features to come - so unfortunately I don't have any updates to share on this particular behavior being included as a feature. The best course of action is to continue to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request with our team and they'll be able to categorize and keep track of how many users are looking for that behavior. 

If you need anything else please let us know. 

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