Reset slide to Initial state when Restarting module from a specific slide

Oct 25, 2016

I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. 

I have a “main slide” that has four buttons. Each button has a trigger that takes the learner to the designated scene. The learner is directed back to the “main slide” each time they complete a scene. 

I have set the slide properties to “When Revisiting: Resume saved state” and have set it to where the Next button is disabled until all four buttons have been visited. Everything works perfectly! 

The problem I’m having though is that we require the learner to restart the  module from a certain slide once they fail the assessment 2xs. (Trigger: Jump to slide # <> when "restart" is selected). We do not want them to restart the entire module because we want them to bypass the introduction and pre-assessment.

So when the learner gets to the “main slide” after restarting the module, the "main" slide is still resuming to the saved state. 

I have tried adding a trigger to each button to Change the State of:/ Object: “button” / to Normal/ When Variable changes / Variable: Count Quiz Retries / On Condition: Count Quiz Retries is >= 2 but the slide is still resuming to the saved state when I fail the assessment 2xs.  I’ve also tried using the CountLearningRestart variable >=1 for each button. 

Do you have any other suggestions on how to resume the initial state when the learner fails the assessment enough times to have to restart the module from the desired slide?



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Crystal Horn

Hi Angela!  What if you changed your trigger setup on that main slide to fire those state changes when timeline starts with conditions based upon your variables, rather than when the variable changes?  Using the timeline triggers sometimes will yield better results in these setups.

If you'd like to share your file, we can take a more specific look at your slides.

Angela Gorena

Thanks so much for your help! I have applied your advice and it worked! ...But, now the buttons will not show as visited when I restart the course. They do show as visited during the initial run through.

I have a trigger to Change the state of to when is clicked and I have a trigger to Change the state of to when is clicked IF variable >=1.

I also have the slide properties set to Automatically decide when revisiting.

Any suggestions on how to get the state to change to visited on the 2nd time through. Thanks in advance for your time.


Angela L Gorena
Learning Developer

Angela Gorena

Hello! I appreciate your help! I'm not able to share my actual file because it contains internal information; however, I have created a mock version of what I am trying to do. The problems I am experiencing now when the user restarts the module are on slide 1.2:

- The state of the Next button is normal when I want it to be disabled until all options are visited.

- The Options are not showing the visited state after they are selected.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

If I understand your last statement correctly - you're not seeing the buttons at the bottom labeled Options 1-3 turn to a state of visited when the user has clicked on them and that the next button isn't in a disabled state? 

I took a look and the next button appeared disabled all the way through on that particular slide until I clicked on each of the buttons and then it was in the normal state. So that element seemed to be working as expected. Can you tell me more about where you're testing this that the next button isn't working for you? 

As far as showing the state of the option buttons in the visited state prior to leaving the slide, you can see the briefest of flash before jumping to the new slide and it's something most people are trying to avoid! You could set it up to only jump to the next slide when the state of that rectangle is visited, but depending on how fast Storyline is able to execute those triggers you still may not see the visited state. 

Angela Gorena

Thanks for the response!

The first time through the course, the slide works fine as explained in my original post. The problem I’m having though is that we require the learner to restart the  module from a certain slide once they fail the assessment 2xs. (Trigger: Jump to slide # <> when "restart" is selected). We do not want them to restart the entire module because we want them to bypass the introduction and pre-assessment.

I am trying to get the slide to work the same way the second time through (when quiz is failed and Restart is selected) as the first time through.

- Want the Next button to be disabled until all three options have been selected. Ok the 1st time through but is not disabled the 2nd time through.

- Option buttons to show visited when it has been selected. Ok the 1st time through but is not showing visited after selected the 2nd time through.  For this, I have a trigger that jumps to a selected slide when each Option button is selected. For example, when option 1 is selected, it jumps to slide 1.3. When the end of that scene is reached, the next button takes the learner back to the "main" slide with the options buttons. Option 1 shows as visited (gray). The 2nd time through, each option button takes the learner through a scene then back to the main slide but they are not showing visited.

This is working the 1st time through but I need help with how to get it to work correctly the 2nd time through. Any suggestions??


Crystal Horn

Ok, I had a look at your mock-up and made some changes.  It's attached below.  I ultimately reset the CountLearning variable once you click on a button on the main menu slide so that the visited state would work, and I detached the CountLearning variable from the failure layers on the results slide  and made their appearance solely based upon the CountQuiz variable.

  • On slide 2.4 (Results), I added triggers to adjust each of the variables, Option1, Option2 and Option3, to False when the user clicks the Restart Module button, making sure to place that trigger above the Jump trigger.
  • On slide 1.2 (Main), I changed the trigger to change the state of the Next button to disabled when the timeline starts if Option1, OR Option2, OR Option3 are not equal to True.  That's 3 conditions I added to that trigger.  Consequently, the trigger to change the Next button to normal was no longer necessary since if those variables are all true, the first trigger won't fire.
  • On Main slide, I set a trigger on each of your 3 Option buttons to reset the CountLearning variable to "0" so that it would no longer have a value greater than 1.  You needed that variable to reset the buttons to the normal state (since the slide property was to resume the saved state), but once on that slide, the variable needed to be reset so the visited state could work unencumbered.
  • Since the failure layers were dependent upon how many times you took the quiz, I divorced those layers from the CountLearning variable.  At the end of the day, after 3 failed quiz attempts, you're done.  :)  I therefore have a single trigger each on the Results slide to show each layer:  Success if they pass, Failure if they've taken the quiz once (CountQuiz variable equals 1), Second Fail if CountQuiz equals 2, and Final Fail if CountQuiz equals 3.
  • You'll notice those variable values are different in the conditions.  It's because I set only one trigger to adjust the CountQuiz variable, on slide 2.1 when the timeline starts.  So each time you take a quiz, you're adding 1 to that variable.  So the first time you take the quiz, the variable is set to 1, and I needed to account for that difference.
  • I changed the trigger to hide the Reattempt Quiz button to when the timeline starts and CountQuiz is equal to 2.

The result should be that the state changes on the buttons on the Main slide are intact, no matter how many times you've viewed the content.  The proper failure layers are showing and rely upon how many times the user has taken the quiz.

Let me know if that's working for you!  That was a good one.    ;)

Athy Giannopoulos

Hi there,

I'm experiencing a very similar challenge.

The module I'm working on has a content & assessment section. If the assessment is not passed on second attempt, the user is required to revisit & review content section (ie. back to the start of the entire module).

I have included a variable to monitor if this is the first pass, which is set to false once the 2nd quiz attempt is failed and control returned to start of the content section. I have reset all of my module variables, however, have noticed that all of the object states are not reset when control is returned to the beginning. Is there a simple way that tells the module to reset objects back to their initial state, or does it need to be handled manually?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Athy

what slide properties do you have set

Storyline lets you decide how objects behave when learners revisit the same slide later. Choose from the following:

Resume saved state: Use this option if you want the slide to always remember its previous state. In other words, this option lets learners pick up where they left off when they leave the slide and come back to it later.
Reset to initial state: Use this option if you want the slide to always reset to its initial state when learners return to it. It'll restart from the beginning of its timeline, and interactive objects will return to their initial states.
Automatically decide: This is the default option. It means Storyline will decide whether to resume or reset the slide based on the objects it contains. Here's the logic: If the slide has only simple objects and/or audio but no interactivity, Storyline resets the slide to the beginning of its timeline. However, if the slide contains interactive elements, such as buttons or other objects that have a visited/selected state, Storyline resumes the slide where it left off previously.

Athy Giannopoulos

Thanks for the quick response & advice Wendy.

My slides were set to 'Automatically decide'. I have tested the functionality of 'Reset to initial state' on a subset of my slides, and this is exactly what I'm looking for when learner must reattempt module from scratch.

However, the downside is that the 'visited' states are lost when a learner revisits a slide during the course of completing the module (by selecting previous button).

Is there any simple way (which is built in to Storyline) for managing this scenario?

So basically, I'd like the module to use 'resume saved state' whilst the module is being completed, then 'reset to initial state' when user restarts module from the beginning.

Any suggestions?


Athy Giannopoulos

Thanks Ashley...that's what I suspected.

I have tried to implement this myself by setting up a 'FirstPass' variable, with an initial value of 'True', then set to 'False' on subsequent attemts & use this to reinitialise all object states & module variables' if learner is forced back to the beginning. Only problem with this is the same issue as using 'reset to initial state' config, where the visited state is not retained, but also gets reset.

I'd be keen to hear from the community on how others have implemented this.

Thanks again!

Anthea Proudfoot

I'm trying to do the same as Athy, it'd be great if this could be figured out so that when they get to the slide that tells them they've failed something happens to tell the course to reset slides to their initial state until they've been visited again, in which case resume saved state. Not sure how the programming would work coz you want them to see it as if new after failing the assessment, but you want it to resume if they press back/previous when reviewing the course again. 

If anyone in the community knows how to do this I'd really appreciate hearing how it can be done!

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