Reset Bookmark/Suspend Data at End of Lesson?


I'm looking to have a lesson set to "Always Resume" if a student leaves the lesson in the middle. However once a student gets to the end and the results are submitted, I would like to have the suspend data erased so that the student can do another attempt later if needed. However once a bookmark is set, I don't seem to be able to erase it at the end of the lesson.

If I put a javascript trigger with SCORM2004_CallSetValue("cmi.suspend_data", "") on a page right up to the page before the results slide it works (erases the bookmark), but if I put this same trigger on a results page at the end of the lesson my LMS will not erase the suspend data.

Is there any way to force the bookmark to be saved on any page other than the results slide, but erase the bookmark on the results slide once the score is submitted?


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