Reset to initial state not working

Currently, the online case support generates an error "whoops, we are having trouble try again later," and "later" I get the same error.  I'm on a bit of a tight timeline, 12 simulations in 12 weeks, and cannot share the story file as it contains testing/sequencing material that I can't expose to the web.  I have all scenes, slides AND layers set to "reset to initial state," but when a user revisits they get "would you like to resume where you left off?"  These simulations cannot resume because sequencing is part of the deal, in fact, sequencing is the most important deal -- in other words, if I can't get this to reset without asking if they want to, the whole project is tanked.  Is there a setting I'm missing, hidden somewhere?  I've looked at other discussion threads with this problem, and they all reference quizzes and fill-in-the-blank.  I'm not using either of these, and the slides/layers are pretty straight-forward-- 2-4 images, a few hotspots, and one text variable that is used in only 3 places; this issue was also present before the creation of the text variable.  Thoughts?

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