resetting drag and drop items in quiz

May 01, 2017

My apologies, as I've read so many others questions and answers on this, but I'm stumped.

Sl360: drag and drop question and when I get it incorrect and click the "Continue button, I'd like the quiz to reset itself..... and I don't know how!

Please make me feel as though I need my eyes testing.....

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lawrence!

No apologies necessary--that's what we're here for! Thanks for sharing your file with me. It looks like you've set unlimited attempts on this question, which means the learner will never see the Incorrect layer. They'll only see the Try Again layer each time they get the question wrong. Do you want to reset the interaction when the learner clicks the Try Again button?

If so, you'll need these triggers on the Try Again layer:

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