Resetting Slide Properties When Revisiting Slide

When revisiting Slide 1, I can't figure out how to reset the slide properties to the initial state.  When I revisit slide 1, it will not play the base slide audio or content.  The video buttons don't return to their initial state, but can be played as though they have been reset.  If I reset the base slide to "Reset to Initial State", the slide repeats from the start and you cannot select any of the video buttons.  Any ideas on how I might go about this?  Thanks.

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Chad Keller

Set your base slide to "Reset to Initial State" , and change your video layer's "Jump to Slide" triggers to "Hide Layer" triggers.  By doing this the video buttons will work as expected and when you revisit the slide it will replay the content and let you play the videos again just like you were the first time you visit.

Theresa Halverson

How does this affect audio? I have a slide with three boxes that direct the student to three different points in the lessons with triggers, but when the student returns to the slide to select the second and third boxes, the audio doesn't replay. If I set the slide properties to "Reset to Initial State", it doesn't recognize that the first box has been selected. (All three boxes have to be selected before moving on in the course.) Any ideas?

Chad Keller

Hello Theresa,

You can use a variable for each of your boxes as a way to track which boxes were selected. I usually use True/False variables for this. Just set the variable to 'true' when the user has met the desired condition. (for example: clicking the box, or viewing a specific slide)

When they return to the slide, use a "timeline start" trigger to set the state of each box based on if the respective variable is set to true. 

I'm assuming that "Reset to Initial State" fixed your audio issue?