Resetting states and slides but only after assessment is failed, not during the first attempt.

Mar 28, 2016

Hello brains trust.  I have built a course that includes integrated assessments and content slides mixed together.  I track the Score variable in the master so learners can see their score progress.  Result slide set up with 3 layers (Success, Fail First Attempt, Fail Final Attempt.  If they Fail First Attempt, I branch them to the beginning and add a slide trigger to reset the score variable which I track in the master.  

All slides are "reset to initial state" on revisit but here is the problem...there are a couple of "menu slides" throughout the course that has about 6 images that the learner clicks and branches to, and I have Visited states to show the learner what they have seen.  After each branch they return to the "menu slide".  However, I need the "visited" state of each of the 6 images to function during their first attempt at the course, but if they are having to reattempt due to failing test, I need these states to reset to normal - but only IF they are completing the course again (not the first time they do the course).  I can't just use "Reset to initial state" as this confuses the learner about which of the 6 images they have already visited, and I can't NOT reset it because then when they attempt a second time, everything looks like they've already clicked it, causing further confusion.

There MUST be a simple solution I'm sure, but at 2am I can't find it :(

Thanks for your help



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