Resize/crop changes the size of all text in Storyline 2. I don't want it to.

Dec 08, 2015

I'm using the Change Story Size in Storyline 2 to reduce the size of my course.

I choose the crop option and set the new size and position the crop frame, and apply to all slides.

I want all screen elements to stay the same size, I just want the stage to reduce in size. The images remain at their original size but the text scales down regardless of the text box autofit settings.

How do I get the crop option to NOT scale the text?


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Nick Eastham

Hi, thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately we have a whole bunch of courses that were built at a particular size , and now ideally need to be resized so that we can use the Player side menu and transcript field. The area we're cropping off was previously used for a custom transcript area that we no longer need, so cropping wouldn't interfer with the content, except that all of the text shrinks.

It looks like we'll have to go through each course and resize the text back up to its original size manually.

I had already tried changing the Auto fit settings but this makes no difference, neither does setting the font size in master slides or trying to apply font themes before or after the crop.

Thanks anyway,


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