Resize story hight but not objects already on a slide?

Aug 27, 2019


I have a Story currently set at 1024 x 576, and I have laid the whole thing out - objects, text, images etc.

Unfortunately, I need to resize the height to incorporate a nav bar (new height 636px), but I don't want to have any objects resizing themselves. 

Has anyone got any ideas about how to do this?

I've tried locking aspect ratios, but everything still scales/moves - short of starting a new storyline at the new dimensions and copy/pasting everything, I'm at a loss!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

If you increase the slide size, choose one of these sizing options:

  • Scale to Fit: This scales existing slide content to fit proportionately within the new size. Objects that have locked aspect ratios will maintain their ratios. Objects that don't have locked aspect ratios may change shape, depending on the slide size you choose. (Learn more about locking aspect ratios.)
  • Fill Background: This keeps the current slide background and applies it to the new size, but it doesn't resize your slide content. If you choose this option, use the corresponding Story Position drop-down to choose where existing content should appear on your slides.

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