Responsive Player??

Mar 11, 2016

Any word/timeline on the responsive player and web-based authoring tool that Articulate is developing?? Getting a lot of queries on "bite-size" learning.

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Fraser M

Do they even have a ballpark idea?  I was a software developer for a decade for Roxio and Napster and we always had delivery dates. I'm not sure how a project of any size or type could operate without it. (the bosses would never pay us to develop a product indefinitely)  

Clients are really starting to complain about this and threatening to switch everything to Captivate and their responsive design. My "it's coming soon" response is getting old to them.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fraser,

It's true that we set some internal dates but our reasons for not being more public with those is the nature of development and set backs. We don't want to put a date or timeline out there until we're sure things will be ready and can deliver on particular items. It's certainly not a philosophy employed by all, but that's our current structure for how things are handled.

We'll keep folks updated and posted in regards to any future updates or changes to Articulate.

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