Restict navigation between layers within a slide in articulate storyline

Jun 18, 2015

Hi there,

Hope you all are well an good.

Please find my below query on restricting navigation between layers in a slide.

In my slide I have an audio and 5 diffferent tabs, each tab is created in layers. My requirement is that the user should be able to click the 1st tab  only after the voiceover in the base layer ends. The user should be able to click the 2nd tab only if he visit the 1st tab.   Similarly the user should be able to visit the 4 tab only if he visit all 1,2 & 3 tabs.
The user should be able to click the next button only if he visits all the tabs. 
Can anyone kindly help me resolve this issue?
I have attached the storyline file when I have tried

1) declaring a variable == False

2) adjust variable to trigger the function == True

3) show layer when user clicks the tab on condition == True

But it didnt give me the result...

kindly help...

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Emily Ruby

H Athira,

There is an easier way to achieve what you are looking for using States of your buttons instead of variables. See attached file, I added 2 new slides for an example.

You can add a Disabled state to each year png file, and make them all set to Disabled as their initial state. Also, your custom Next button, make this Disabled state as well.

Then add a trigger to change the state of 1963 to Normal when the Audio ends. Add a trigger to the 1963 layer to change the state of 1969 to Normal when its timeline starts, and add a trigger to the 1969 layer to change 1971 button to normal when its timeline starts  etc.

Then set the last layer with a trigger to change the state of the next button to Normal when its timeline starts. This should allow the tabs to only be opened in order, and the next button will not be available until they are all viewed. 

Hope this helps, and let us know if you need anything further.

Ammu Harish

Hi  Emily;

Thanks.. thanks a lot for helping me. infact, i was struggling with this for a couple of days.. 80 % of my head ache with this slide has gone. 

I tried the ways that you have suggested. Please see slide no. 2  in the attachment. 

the only 2 problems now are :-

1) the user is able to click & view 1963 before the media in the base layer completes.

When i tried to disable 1963 with trigger for sound file in base layer, it didnt give me the option to select that, ulike I did for other tear buttons.


2) I would require the blink next layer for the blink button to appear when user visits all the tabs. that means the 


Could u please help me resolve this? I am attahcing the revised file for your kind review and help. Kindly refer slide no. 2 to see what I have done.

Kind regards.

Emily Ruby

Hi Athira,

You can set all of the buttons to be disabled as their initial state. This will eliminate the triggers to change them upon timeline start.

The set a trigger to change the 1963 button to be Normal when the media completes. You can set the Blink layer to appear when the final tab is completed (upon timeline end of the 1982 layer.

See attached file.

Ammu Harish

Hi Emiley,

Thanks a lot for the quick response. You have been a great support. 

Actually, I tried setting the  trigger on the base layer to show blink layer when final tab is completed :-

Action : Show Layer
Layer : Blink layer
When : timeline ends
Object : 1982 (last tab in the base layer)

but nothing happened

Then I inserted trigger in the 1982 layer :

Action : Show Layer
Layer : Blink layer
When : timeline ends
Object : 1982

Then i got the blink next button when user completed visiting tab 1982 (layer 1982)

But the probelm is, again when the user wants to view a previous tab which is already visited, then he needs to visit the  last 1982 tab, then only the blink button appears. 

Can we make the blink button appear after layer 1982 is visited, and the user be able to click the the blink next button when / even if he goes back to a previously visited tab after visiting 1982?

 Is there a way to achieve this? Kindly awaiting to hear from you.

Emily Ruby

Hello Athira,

If you want that button to appear after all the tabs are viewed, and stay that way, you may want to consider placing the button on the Base Layer. Then you can set that item as Disabled state as initial, and have it change to normal upon timeline start of the 1982 layer. This way it will appear and stay there even if they tab back into other layers.

Having the item on a layer is not working since the layers are set up to Hide Other Layers in their properties.

Ammu Harish

 Dear Emily,

 Thanks. Hope u are not getting irritated with my queries. 

 It has been a great headache for me to achieve this as I am a beginner in articulate. But this community is excellent.

 Well, I am not able to achieve in the way that you suggested.

 As per my course requirement, next button should be there thorugh out  the slide, that the user should note be able to navigate to the next slide. Once the user visits all slides then a blink next button should appear for the user to click and navigate to the next slide. That’s why I created a blink next layer.

 So in the beginning only the next button should be present. Once the user completes the last tab, then the blink next button should appear. Even if the user gets back to the previously visited tab, then also the blink button should appear if he has completed visiting all the tabs.

Just a single issue is lagging the course behind.. could u please help?

Emily Ruby

Hi Athira,

Thanks for the response. Adding the button on the base layer, and setting it to Hidden as its initial state should do the trick. What you need to do is then add a trigger to 1982 layer, to change this blinking next button to Normal when its timeline starts. This will make it appear only after the view all layer, and since it is on the base layer, it will stay, even if they go back to other layers.

The issue with it being on the Layer was that the other layers were set to "hide other slide layers" which cause the blink layer to hide.

See attached for reference. I placed the blink object above the Next button for a visual reference.

Ammu Harish

Hi Emily,

O really ! I don't understand whats happening with mine?  I tried recording the slide preview using articulate record screen. But it is splitting into different slides. May be because I am recording for the 1st time & not well-versed with that.

Anyways, I have managed to record it using my mobile. Here is the attached video for the same. Please let me know whats the issue.

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