Restricción de avance por slide

Hola, estoy creando un proyecto donde he prescindido del Player y se interactúa a través del diseño. El caso es que necesito restringir el avance por slides y ala no disponer de los botones Anterior y Siguiente del Player, está siendo bastante complicado.

He creado una variable en la última capa de las slides que no te deja avanzar hasta que no finaliza la línea de tiempo. Una vez que esta finaliza, se muestra el botón para avanzar que se encontraba estado oculto.

Se os ocurre alguna forma más sencilla de configurar el avance entre las slides que no sea con este tipo de variable.

Espero vuestras respuestas.

Muchas gracias!


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Alyssa Gomez
Hello, I am creating a project where I have dispensed with the Player and interacts through the design. The case is that I need to restrict the progress by slides and wing not having the Previous and Next buttons of the Player, is being quite complicated.

I have created a variable in the last layer of the slides that does not let you advance until the timeline ends. Once it is finished, the button to advance that was hidden state is shown.

It occurs to you some simpler way to configure the progress between the slides that is not with this type of variable.

I'll be waiting for your answers.

Thank you very much!

Hi Christina!

Have you tried using Restricted Navigation

This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides using the course menu.

And in Storyline 360, you can mark the corresponding box to Restrict Next/Previous buttons if you also want to restrict the player navigation buttons.

I hope that helps!