Restrict insert data entry numbers

Dec 01, 2014

Hi Guys,

It might be basic question but, I want to restrict user to type more than 3 numbers in storyline. For e.g 999, 134, like anything but he cannot able enter 4th number or beyond 999. Could you please help me in this.



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Jacob  Selin

1) What will happend i the user enters 123.45?
its a value between 100 and 999 but consist of 5 digits (and anctually 6 signs) 
Is decimal numbers ok or do you only wanna work with integers? 

2) I was wondering about the two last triggers. Could you combine thoose to on say 
!= Not between to values ?

EDIT: Did a testing. != Not between 2 values isn't an option. Perhaps a feuture request on that? 


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