Restrict Submit Interaction until one of the options is selected

I have been trying to edit the interaction in this Jeopardy game to restrict the user to Submit until one of the options is selected. I added a count to the Score1 variable and showed a message in a new layer if the count was 3, but this did not worked. The only way I could implement this was by making the button appear only after selection (using states). Attaching the code here. Request one of the experts to help. I need this super urgently for my project.

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Mark Banit

I took a look at your file and there a couple of ways you could do this that would simplify your current approach and avoid the need for variables at all.

Option 1 - Don't even show Submit button until selection is made:
- change the state of the Submit button to be "hidden" by default
- create a trigger that changes the state of the Submit button to be "normal" when the state of any of the radio buttons becomes selected (see attached screenshot "ShowBtnTrigger.PNG" to see the settings)

Option 2 - Show Submit button but don't do anything until selection is made:
- remove the variable triggers you had setup
- on the "Submit interaction" trigger, set conditions specifying at least one of the radio buttons must be selected (see attached screenshot "SubmitInteractionTrigger.PNG" to see settings)
- then move your triggers assigning the points to be on the correct layer, so that they only get the points when that layer is displayed