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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

I'm having issues with this too... 

With the navigation set to "restricted" it functions just as I want it to. The issue is that learners don't have any idea what is going on. Presenter pops up a nice (customizable) prompt the tells the learn why they cant move on. 

Yes, I can make a layer and use triggers etc but that is a cumbersome and  a lot of work if you need it on every slide. 

But my real problem is with the Menu. There is no way to prompt the user if they try to move forward via the menu. :-(

I would love to hear how other's are dealing with this limitation. 



steve cc

Articulate Staff and Developers - please listen to this request. 

I suggest that it was an oversight (hint: mistake) leaving it out and needs to be put back in.   Otherwise, what good is allowing a Restricted option for your menu?

While fixing that and creating a Text Label spot for the message, could I also request a posting somewhere of the master Excel spreadsheet for all the Text Labels in all the languages? 

I had it provided by Articulate for Studio 9.  It is extremely helpful when 'localizing' the modules.  Kudos to your translators for providing the many languages for the text labels.  However, we're finding that (1) they are not completely correct for all local markets and (2) when we make a change for a client, I'd like to record it in our master spreadsheet so that it doesn't need to be retranslated again.

Thank you.