Restricting audio completion

Jan 31, 2021

Hi there,

I have a slide that has 3 images and when the learner clicks on each image it changes state to visited, shows text and plays audio. The problem is that the learner doesn't have to finish the initial narration before they can click on an image. So, there are two narrations playing and potentially four - initial, image 1, image 2 and image 3. I've been viewing and reading tutorials and don't understand how the variables, conditions and triggers work together and how I can use some or all of them to have the learner complete each audio before being able to click on the next. 

Has anyone experienced this and can you help me? I've done very little work with variables and conditions in SL.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Linda,

Thanks for reaching out! One tip is to place each audio file on separate slide layers to control when the next image is selected.

When you add a slide layer, you can select the Slide Layer Properties ⚙️icon on the bottom-right and choose the options below:

If you need additional help with this, please share your .story file privately with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look!

Linda Poole

Thanks Ren, that is helpful with part of it. The other part of the issue is that the user can click on 3 different images (layers) at the same time. I don't know how to prevent it. You suggestions will definitely help with a completed layer but I'm also wondering about limiting the user to just one layer.



Ian Israel Saavedra

Hello Linda, another option you have is to make use of Button sets to create interactions where the learner is able to select only one object at a time from a group of objects.

Once the Button sets have been made, you may then use triggers to control what happens to the audio files so that they don't overlap. For instance when the state of an object on the currently selected Button set changes from 'selected' to 'visited' after clicking another Button set, the audio on the current Button set would stop playing.

To add Button sets, you may refer to this article.

While here's an article to help you work with Button sets.