Result slide altered order of quiz questions

Dec 11, 2015


I noticed a few of my quiz questions are out of order on the results.html page. I went back to edit the Results Slide Properties and they appear out of order here as well. I cannot seem to locate a way to move a question up or down on this screen. The order is very important in this quiz because the questions build off of the previous one. Please tell me there is a way to correct this. Thank you

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Nancy -- Your patience is appreciated while I looked into your file. From what I understand, the order on the results slide should not throw anything off, bur rather, it should just pull them in the order that they are in the file. (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.). So, since your Q2 is 1.2, it will be after 1.1. Q1 correct info is 1.3. Does that make sense?

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