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I want to adjust the results.score based on learner response...

The learner is presented with a question asking how often he/she does task A - response choices are frequently, occasionally and never.  If they answer the first 2 they proceed to a question bank and are scored based on their question results.  However, if they answer 'never' they skip the question bank.  Right now their score is 0% in this situation, but I want to set this to 100% so that the score that is sent to the LMS is accurate... right now it uses 0 when averaging the scores of multiple quizzes.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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deb creghan

I created a numeric variable and triggers to add the scores from each section as they are completed. I can also add a fictitious score for those that are skipped.  However, I'd like to figure an average score based on all sections (there are 4) and display  it to the user. How can I do this?