Results Slide doesn't seem to be doing accurate math

May 10, 2022

I have created a certification assessment in Storyline that consists of 3 different sections (with about 115 questions combined). I have set up each section with it's own results slide and each of those results are based on the corresponding question banks. I then link the Final Results Slide as the "Final Assessment" and it "combines points from each quiz" The issue comes in on the final results slide. That slide (attached) shows the results from all 3 sections and the final grade, but the final grade is not an accurate average of the 3 sections.

Any idea how I can get the results to display accurately?

(FYI I am using Articulate Review when this issue occurs)

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Kyera Fletcher

Hi Maria,

I haven't tried it anywhere else other than Rise. In the past there were some things that were not functioning properly because I was in Preview mode, so I have started bypassing that. I only mentioned Rise just to provide as much information as possible.

I just tested it in Preview mode and the issue is still happening.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Kyera, 

Allow me to clarify how the percentages that you are seeing are calculated. Let's take the below values as an example:

Quiz 1: 65/70 - 92.86%
Quiz 2: 15/20 - 75%
Quiz 3: 5/10 - 50%

Average of percentages: 72.62%

If you're using the 'combines points from each quiz' option in the final Results Slide, the actual score percentage is calculated as the total actual points scored from the three quizzes (85), divided by the total possible points that a learner can score (100):

Actual calculation of percentage: 85 / 100 = 85%

I've attached a sample file so you can see how the points scoring is calculated in Storyline 360. So to clarify, the final percentage that you are seeing is not an average of the percentages, but the percentage of the total points scored over the total possible points available. 

Let me know if you have any questions!