Results slide resets to 0% score from Pool

Jun 13, 2014


I've been testing some question pool quizes and have concerns about teh result slide reporting.

My course is set to jump to last slide visited when the learner re-opens it (no do you want to...) dialogue.

My setup is as follows:

I have 1 question bank with about 50 equally weighted questions.

The question pool provides 20 questions randomly to the learner.

My results slide is displayed at the end of the question pool and contains the following settings:

Calculate results for selected slides (Draw from Question Bank 1 is only selected)

Passing grade 80%

Show users score

Show passing score

I have deselected review quiz

I have deselected print results

i have deselected retry quiz

I have uploaded this course to my LMS as Tin Can and find it looses the Quiz score when the learner reopens the course. The course reopens on the Quiz Results slide and the users score is reset to 0%.

To ensure it is not a TinCan issue, I have published as SCORM 1.2 and get the exact same results.

At this point, I believe the issue is related to revisiting the results slide that reports Question BankPool results.

Also, we have many Tin Can and SCORM courses that work fine on the LMS and report correctly when revisited, however, these courses do not report results from Question Banks.

If anyone has experienced this same issue, please let me know how it was resolved.

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Dennis Hall

Thanks to Articulate Support for their help here...

For anyone who encounters this. The solution to this issue is to ensure all Question Bank slides are set to Automatically Decide when revisiting.

I had the slides all set to Reset to Initial state since all the Quiz slides are animated.

The optimal method to change the slide settings on a large numbers of slides is to open one of the slides, select all the thumbnails down the left side of your slide editing view, then make the change on the slides main timeline (the gear icon at the lower right corner on the main slide). With this simple 5 second adjustment, the Question pool of 70 slides now works perfectly.

Thanks for the help Articulate Support and especially Cleo.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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