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Dec 23, 2013

One of the requirements my client recently wanted was to have a results slide that would display a summary of the answers for each question from a question bank, and depending on the results they were successful or not.

 After much reading in these forums about trying to get a results slide that would summarise a participants answers, I finally came up with a solution that worked for me in this case, but I would like to put it out there for peer review, maybe help someone,  and see if there is a better way (there usually is  J ). It involves lots of passing of variables, and naming variables in every question, which is quite tedious. I have included a sample for your perusal.

A brief explanation:

My first step was to create a %Answer% variable to hold the answer for each question.  True/False were easy, in that the incorrect answer got a text answer of “That’s incorrect. Please try again” and the correct answer would get some feedback, with “That’s correct. Well done!” when the participant clicks on an answer.

Other questions that had multiple options were a bit more tricky, with either >1 correct or >1 incorrect options. For example, if there were four multiple choice options, with say 2 correct and 2 incorrect, then I set up 4 variables, %Answer1%, %Answer2%, %Answer3%, %Answer4%, and again depending on what was selected, the correct or incorrect responses were passed to the %Answer% variable to be displayed on the results slide. You will see in the attached storyline file I have done the same concept for all of the different questions.

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Kevin Thorn

Hey Adrian,

Welcome to the Elearning Heroes. Well done on your variable scoring!

You are correct that the default Results slide does not account for displaying individual question types and their choices. The only current way is what you did which is assign a variable(s) to calculate/evaluate choices.

I've done this sort of thing in the past. However, I took the extra step and assigned a variable per question, per choice. e.g., Q1A1, Q1A2, Q2A1, Q2A2, and so on. Depending on how many questions you have it can get a bit messy. Toss in a freeform quiz type and you have a even more complexity.

In the end though, you have complete control on how you want to display the results. 

Great job at this!

david mckisick

Something else you can do is just use the Print Results function, which does break the test down by individual questions.

That is really neat what you did there though, and I am not sure I totally understand it. Would you or Kevin mind posting a Tutorial on how/what you did?

A bit curious as to why you did not use the default feedback layers on the quiz slides too.

Giulia Ortoleva


This is an old conversation, but I am still going to try and ask...

I need something like this for a course I am preparing, and this is litterally driving me crazy.

Your solutions seems perfect, however, I was not able to really understand how these variables worked. Would you mind providing some extra explanation on this?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Giulia -- Many thanks for your question here! If there are certain participants you'd like to reach, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages, as this thread is a bit older and they may no longer be subscribed.

Otherwise, would you possibly have a file you can share so others can take a look and offer some ideas? 

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