Results Slides Not Working!

Hi all,

Hoping someone is able to help me urgently or tell me what I am doing wrong!!

I have some questions and then a results slide at the end that is graded. I have also included the option to review results.

When you click review results, the project starts to go through the questions and down the bottom of the slide a red layer appears saying "this questions was answered incorrectly etc".

However I have gone through the quiz and clicked all the correct answers and it tells me I have passed, I then click review quiz to test the review option and all the answers I have chosen are saying all incorrect at the bottom.

I click through all the review slides and it takes me back to the results slide again which instead of saying pass as it did originally, it now says you did not pass.

I am very confused. I have attached screen shots of:

- The message I got when I passed.

- The incorrect review slides.

- The incorrect results slide.

I have also attached the storyline file.

Would appreciate the help - as its happing on multiple Storyline projects of mine.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

if you go into Story view - highlight all the quiz questions and in the slide properties panel - change the option when revisiting from 'reset to initial state' to 'resume saved state' that will allow you to see the correct/incorrect layers.

Also, you have the questions shuffling which means all your page numbers are out of whack - not sure if that makes a difference to you.

let me know how you go.