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Greg Younger

Hello, I have a follow-up question. I have a course that is published to the web, not an LMS. I'd like to turn off the resume prompt, and I now know how, thanks to this thread. I'd like to avoid replacing every file on the website just to update this setting.

Does one individual file in the course folder hold the code for this? That is, is there an .xml file in there somewhere where some variable along the lines of prompt_for_resume="TRUE" gets set to prompt_for_resume="FALSE"? (note: I invented that variable. Don't know what the real one is.)


Greg Younger

Thanks for your replies, Leslie. I'll try to keep this all in this thread, where there's more helpful information.

To be clear, I'm not out to modify the file manually. I'll change the setting and republish the course, but then I'd like to be able to simply replace the single (I assume) changed file on our web server rather than having to delete and reupload all 300ish files in their subfolders.

Is that possible? Thanks again!