Resume base layer timeline when layer is closed?

Mar 18, 2015


I’m trying to implement this:

1) Slide loads
2) Base layer timeline plays audio
3) Base layer timeline pauses (when it reaches a cue point)
4) User clicks on object
5) Layer opens in response to click
6) When done reading layer, user clicks button to close layer
7) Base layer timeline resumes

Problem: I cannot figure out how to simultaneously close the layer AND restart the base timeline.

I had to add a second button so that one the layer is closed, the user has a way to resume the timeline.

I found that if the I use the cue point (step 3) to automatically open the layer (in other words, removing step 4), then the base layer timeline will indeed resume automatically when the user closes the layer (step 6). However, by removing step 4 I’m removing a bit of interaction that I’d like to keep in the course.

Can anyone tell me how I can simultaneously close a layer and resume the base layer timeline in the scenario detailed above?

A bigger picture question: Is it possible to control the base layer timeline (pausing and resuming) from a layer?


— Dale

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Dale Beckett

(I’ll have to try the variable method. I don’t know if Storyline will react to a variable being changed without a trigger of some kind telling it to go, now, look at the variable.)

For now, I’ve got it to working this way:

I set up the slide using 2 cue points, one immediately after the other (with the smallest fraction of a second in between).

1) Slide loads
2) Base layer timeline plays audio
3) Base layer timeline pauses (when it reaches cue point #1)
4a) User clicks on object
4b) Time resumes
5) Layer opens in response to timeline hitting cue point #2 (after an imperceptibly short amount of time, as far as the learner is concerned)
* Base layer timeline pauses in response to layer opening. (There is no trigger telling the base layer timeline to pause when reaching #2.)
6) When done reading layer, user clicks button to close layer
7) Base layer timeline resumes in response to layer being closed

I'll try testing the variable method, though.

Techno10 Lorrain

Hi Dale,

I had the exact same wish with an audio track on the base layer that needed to be paused at a certain time and resume when user take action.

The way I worked it out is to actually split my audio file, put the slices on different layers. When user click to close the warning box layer, it calls the next part of audio on the next layer and so on.

Worked like a charm. I had to try your version first to come out with what worked best for my case. Just another workaround.

Thank you for your solution.

Miriam de Jonge

Hi, I came to this thread looking for help but have ended up with a different solution which I thought I'd document for someone else coming along.  I wanted the user to be able to pause and resume the timeline repeatedly from a hotspot on the screen, but I wasn't pausing audio or at a particular spot, just wanted to basically toggle the animation on and off.

My final solution:
Add an offscreen button that has a selected state.  Set the button to normal.
Add a layer called 'Pause Layer' or something similar.
Add a hotspot to the base layer that has two triggers - to pause the timeline on the slide, and to show the Pause Layer.
On the Pause Layer, I have another hotspot that has two triggers - to change the off screen button to selected, and to close the Pause Layer. 
Then on the base layer I have another trigger that resumes the timeline if the off screen button is selected.

So that it works repeatedly, I added a trigger to the layer than reset the button to normal when the layer starts, which means that the button will 'change to selected' when the layer is closed and therefore know to resume the timeline.

Voila!  Hope that helps someone!

Walt Hamilton

If all you need is to turn animations on or off, or if you need to pause a video or audio, here's a simpler method, using the built-in functions.

I did have to build an object with an animation, so you can see that the animation does stop. Otherwise, one object to click, with two states and two triggers, a layer with nothing on it, set to pause timeline on base layer.

Renato Bello

I'd like to post here my suggestion using variables:

In the main timeline:

1_ Create a boolean variable (true/false) and assign it as false
2_ Create a trigger to assign false to this variable again when the timeline starts (in case you need to return to this slide)
3_ Create clue point in the timeline where you want to pause
4_ Create a trigger to resume the timeline when the boolean variable changes

In the layer:

Use a button or timeline trigger to  adjust the boolean variable to true

I hope it helps someone.

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