Resume in large presentation falling back several slides

Jan 24, 2020

Hi, I have a 160-ish slide presentation (very big on our standards) and we are serving out this content to a customer using an LMS called "LessonLy"

We're using our standard Scorm 1.2 connection.

The issue they're reporting is that they leave for instance on Slide 120 and when they return, it puts them on Slide 105.   The only logical conclusion I can come to is one of 2 things


1)  Is it possible for the scorm string to be too long? and LessonLy is somehow botching it because it can't handle the size?  They send us back a string, but it's padded with a lot of blank space, but otherwise looks complete.


2)  We ironically have 15 quiz questions with result slides before Slide 120.Is it possible that LessonLy isn't "counting" those, and consequently only thinks that the user has only completed 105 slides?

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Leslie McKerchie

You've got it, Eric.

It sounds like you may be running into your first logical conclusion.

The suspend_data element for a Storyline SCORM course tells the learning management system (LMS) where you leave off when you exit the course and lets you resume the course later in the same place without having to start over.

Since it sounds like you may be running into an issue with this, check out this article to help you resolve it.

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