Resume linear progress after viewing a slide from the a player tab

Hey there Heroes,

I have a player that has several tabs in the top right that link to miscellaneous pages at the end of the course but can be selected at anytime. Is there a way to direct the learner back to the page they were on after viewing the tabbed page so they can resume linear progress?


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lance,  One thing you can do is set the trigger on the tab open the page as a lightbox instead of jumping to the page directly.

This will cause the page to open on top of whatever the user was viewing at the time they clicked the tab.

When the user closes the lightbox they will be exactly where they left off when they clicked the tab.

If you don't want to do this, then you may be able to add a button on the page itself that  has a trigger to return the user to the previous slide when they click the button.