Resume prompt: yes button not working

I have been trying to search the forums to find anything on this but have had no luck.  Has anyone run into an issue before where the "would you like to resume where you left off' prompt isn't working where the issue is the Yes button just does not respond to clicks at all?  We are running into that with one of our courses today and I am trying to figure out what is causing it.

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Shannon Brown

Hi Robert, 

If solving the issue on your own, I'm not sure there is any way to avoid my issue identification process. 

The Yes button issue, for me, was a direct result of a corrupt slide. Unfortunately, the course I was working in was so big that it contained about 40 scenes and 70 question banks. I sincerely hope yours is much shorter and easier to sort through. 

On the slide in question, something about the text was upsetting Storyline. There was nothing visibly wrong or abnormal, but it became corrupt somehow. Replacing all the text on slide and in Notes did the trick. 

I recommend the least amount of effort first. Break the course in half and publish each half. Keep narrowing down the slides until you find the problem child. 

Good luck!

Robert Doyle

Thanks for the reply Leslie and Shannon. We did end up having to go through Shannon's testing approach but we identified the scene causing the issues and re-built it. Some of the text used in that scene had been copied directly from a Word document that had tracked changes on, I'm wondering that resulted in a character being taken over that Storyline didn't like.