Retain quiz score for additional tries

Feb 26, 2015

Hi, I have set my quiz to record a correct answer so that upon second attempt at the quiz, it's not served up to the learner again. On the results slide I believe I need to add a trigger to Reset Results so that when the user starts the quiz again, they can enter answers again.  What I can't work out though is ow to get the Results.Score (and Results.Percentage) to retain the score for the correct answers and have it added to for correct answers upon subsequent attempts.  Can you help?
Thank you.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Rodney,

If I am reading this correctly, you want the user to be able to retake the quiz multiple times, and have all of the scores from each attempt add up together?

You may need to add a variable for each attempt, then have a "final Score" variable set to add the attempts together. It might be easier if we can see your file to help assist.

Rodney Faulkner

Hi Emily, I'm stuck again, hoping you can help me work my issue out.  I've attached the storyline file and the published course so you can see what's going on.

Here it goes;

I've setup my quiz so that if the learner doesn't get 100% upon first attempt at the quiz, they're routed back to the start of the course to review the content before attempting the quiz for a second time.  I've got the triggers correct to change the state of the radio button etc to true so that learners dont have to reanswer questiosn they got correct the first time around.  This also ensures that upon second attempt, previously correctly answered questoins are included in the score.  I allow three attepts before failing them.  Our LMS (SAP) doesn't allow a fail option, if the user gets to the results slide it'll mark them as complete and automatically give them the qualification, regardless of score.  To get around this I put my quiz results and retry buttons on a 'pre-assessment' page, so that only if they get 100% for the quiz they'd be taken to the results page and be marked as successfully complete.  I've now found that my score doesnt add to the first attempt score when doing quiz 2nd and 3rd times.  I suspect it has something to do with not visiting the results page until the learner passes, because it did cumulate the score before I realised the limited behaviour of our LMS and having to not visit the results page until 100%. Initially i had the pass/fail/retry layers all on the results slide.  So basically i can only take the user to the results page if they passed. So even though I had the correct logic to skip correct answers but still have their points added, since i made a pre-assessment page, it no longer does this. Can you help? I'm losing my mind!

Emily Ruby

Hello Rodney,

One idea would be to make your Pre assessment page the results slide for the question bank. Then if they pass and use the green button from the success layer, have this jump to a new slide, which you can mask as a question, and have that jump to a second results slide that you can use to track in your LMS. This way, if they do not pass, they will not be able to jump to the slide that is being tracked, and should (hopefully) not mark them as complete unless they pass.

Attached is a modified file, yo may want to test it in your LMS to see if it works properly. 

Hope this helps!

I am sure others with additional ideas will jump in as well.

Rodney Faulkner

Thanks so much Emily.  That's worked!  So now I can skip correct questions on second/third attempt and withhold marking the course as successfully completed until the very end when all questions are actually correct.  Great that you've been able to give me a solution to overcome the deficiencies in our LMS.  Very grateful.  Thank you.

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