Retaining Text Entry user entries on a layer

Hello :)

I am trying to create a slide with two layers. On the base layer there are 10 text entry boxes, the top layer has the same text entry boxes, plus a possible answers list.

Is it possible for the top layer to retain what the user enters in the text entries? 

So far the boxes remain, but don't hold the text (so they can't check their answers). Currently it's set up so that they click 'finished' to reveal the top layer with answers.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Zsolt Olah


Each text entry is associated with a variable. If you use the out of the box setting it's like TextEntry1 etc. You can change that variable. So on your top layer just change the text variables associated with the text boxes to what you have on the base layer. If you don't need to edit them, you can create a text showing the answer: %TextEntry1% on the top layer.