Retake a quiz issues

I'm trying to build just a prototype at this point of a course that will allow learner to choose path of a New person (go thru content then take a quiz with 10 questions from Question bank of 20) or Existing person (go straight to quiz).  If Existing person fails quiz, want them to go back to content slides then to retake quiz.  I've set quiz slides to "reset to initial state" but unable to make a different selection or pull in different questions.  I'm sure it involves adding variables, but are they placed on question slides, results slide, somewhere else?  I can't use the "Restart Course" trigger because I want them to go to content slides, not completely restart.  Suggestions please??

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharon! That's a great question. 

The learner will see different questions when they retake the quiz if you have the Reset Results trigger on the results slide--no additional variables needed!

If you don't already have that trigger on the results slide, add it there, and let me know if you see a difference!