Retaking quizzes - some don't seem to reinitialise

Dec 17, 2013


I have a number of different assessment questions. They all have custom feedback. If the learner gets a question wrong, they can either continue to the next question or retry the one they have just got wrong by clicking an appropriate button.

  • The trigger on the retry button Jumps To the base layer slide.
  • The slide is set to Reinitialise upon being revisited.

This works perfectly well for many quiz types; however, for some (Matching Drop Down, Sequence D&D) it doesn't. The quiz portion of the screen is effectively frozen and no corrections/modifications can be made to the original answer.

If I go to the previous or next screen and return to the quiz, all is well - but that's not an acceptable way of allowing the user to retry, in my book anyway!

I appreciate that the two examples I've given are re-designable as custom D&Ds and I have resorted to this action when I need to, but I was just wondering if this is a small 'feature', or if there's some fix?

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