Retrieve variables from layers?

Jul 09, 2021

I have a couple of courses that I use as recruitment tests where I have multiple text entry fields on a slide and am able to pass all of those text entry values to my LMS using short answer questions. I use a method similar to the one described here: So I have my slide, a learner puts 4 answers in 4 fields, their answers each go into a variable for each field and then I use a short answer question to retrieve each variable and submit it and I do that for every text entry field. It works just fine.

I now need to do the same, but with the text entry fields on multiple layers of just one slide. So where I previously had, say, 4 fields on the base layer of one slide, I now have 1 field on each of the 4 slide layers and I still want all 4 variables to get passed to the LMS. (hope that makes sense!)

The course is getting stuck when it gets to the second short answer question and I can't see anything obvious wrong so before I spend a lot of time troubleshooting, can someone confirm that it's OK to use variables on layers this way?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Christina!

We're happy to help! It's difficult to confirm whether variables are being used correctly without seeing the file and testing it in an LMS environment. Would you mind uploading the .story file privately to us to take a deeper look at the variables? 

You can upload it privately to our team in a support case. We'll let you know as soon as we receive it and reply with our findings as soon as possible.

Christina Clark

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for reaching out. I have done some more experimenting and I can confirm that what I'm trying to do does work, ie, it's OK to put the variables I want to pass into the short answer questions on layers all on one slide. The problem was a faulty trigger on one of the short answer slides. I had them all set up to submit when the timeline starts (because that's how it works in my previous projects) but for some reason storyline wants them to submit at the end of the timeline for this one. If it works, who am I to argue. :-)