Retroactively apply info from company style guide to "clean" slides

Oct 13, 2016

Hello Heroes!

Relative newbie here, back to ask for your help once again!(Love this community!)

The client I'm working for has been developing a style guide at the same time that I've been creating a training.

During my development, I've used placeholder assets, fonts, colors, etc., all using the "clean" style. Now the company style guide is finished, featuring nine bright PMS colors and numerous fonts like Caecillia, Gothem, and Proscuitto -- none of which are offered with Storyline 2.

How do I retroactively create a custom theme apply it to my otherwise finished training? I'm so scared of doing something dumb and falling back to square one!

Thanks in advance!


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Walt Hamilton

In theory, yes, that should be all you need, but I don't expect everything to make the jump. I've heard about problems, especially textboxes and paragraph formatting. I suspect the biggest problems will be textboxes that were not part of the layout on the master, but were added to the slide.  A style sheet function would be a huge help, but SL doesn't have one.

I think my first attempt would be to try to modify the master that is in use, hoping to catch more items that way.

Either way, I don't envy you, because I think the most accurate statement is "It's gotta be more convoluted" 

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