Retry drag and drop leaving previous answers on screen.

We are having an issue with retry only incorrect.  We are working on a large quiz (115 questions, 22mb) that has worked fine until thursday of last week when odd things began to occur.  It is set to repeat incorrect questions until the learner reaches 100%.  today, it has been hanging up with a couple of questions still to go.  It comes to a slide with the previous answers still on the screen and locked there.  This means that the learner can never complete the quiz.

there have been no functional changes we know of today.  A couple of text box moves and state changes but nothing about the triggers or resets.

(Edit:  Just remembered that shuffle was turned on for all the drag and drop questions if that means anything.)

The only thing I can think of is that computer had not be updated to the newest release until today.

Grasping at straws I have him changing all slides to "reset to initial state" on revisit from "decide automatically" but this has not been an issue until today.

When it hung the first time I deleted all but a few of the slides, leaving the one it hung up on, and it functioned correctly again for those 10 slides.  This leads me to think it is not an error on that particular slide and more towards a corruption somewhere else.

any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.  We have a lot of time into this project and I would hate to lose that now.

I could attach the project but it only corrupts when all 115 questions are in play and I dont expect any of you to be able to match doses, indications, etc for 40 different medications to test this.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tim. I can imagine how much time you've put into this project. We are happy to test your file if you want to share it with us privately -- that's what we're here for!

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