Retry only INCORRECT answers.

Jul 10, 2017

Hi team

can anyone give me instructions on how to only include the INCORRECT questions when students retry the quiz. I know there is a video using storyline 1 but the interface and variables boxes are different when i use storyline 2. I have true/false , multiple response, multiple choice, drag and drop questions. 

I have 100's of questions for each modules and there are several modules. 


Here is what i need:

1.students get unlimited attempts

2.students to attempt INCORRECT answers only 

(Not is not necessary to review test only to RETRY incorrect questions)

This is quite urgent !

Thanks in advance team

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Mr C

Hi Tom

If you set each question as Unlimited attempts then the Retry option for that question will kick in.

The learner will Retry each question until it is correct before moving to the next question

Otherwise if the learner get one attempt at a question then at the end of the assessment you could use something like Jeanette has demonstrated in the link below

Hope this helps

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrea,

I'm not sure if Louise is still subscribed here, as the post is a bit older - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! Also, feel free to start a new discussion requesting specific ideas and strategies on drag-drop interactions. If you're able to share a copy of your .story file that may also help folks in the community weigh in. 

Best of luck with your project!