Retry Quiz feature in SL2 not working

Apr 12, 2018


I am having trouble with the 'Retry Quiz' feature in SL2 which I am using for the first time in my Project (see attached).

When I click the 'Retry Quiz' button on slide 14.9 ISMAA Program Board Game Results, it jumps to the first question in the assessment (slide 14.4 Q1 - ISMAA Program Face-to-Face Support). For some reason when I click the 'Submit' button after answering the first question, it doesn't advance to the second question in the assessment (slide 14.5 Q2 - ISMAA Contract Scenario). Instead it jumps to the 'Done!' layer on slide 14.3 ISMAA Program Board Game - Start. When I click the 'Finish' button it then takes me back to slide 14.9 ISMAA Program Board Game Results. When I click the 'Retry Quiz' button it jumps to the first question in the assessment (slide 14.4 Q1 - ISMAA Program Face-to-Face Support) again and I am stuck in a loop.

I don't know where to start to try and resolve this issue. Is it a glitch in SL2 or is it something to do with the triggers set up on either slide 14.2 ISMAA Program Board Game Welcome - Choose Car Gamepiece or slide 14.3 ISMAA Program Board Game - Start, or is it something else?
If you could please look into this ASAP and help me understand why the 'Retry Quiz' feature isn't working in my Project, that would be great. Note that this Board Game template I used as the basis for my assessment was created and uploaded by Nicole Legault about a year ago so she may have some ideas on how to resolve this issue.



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Tarsha McLellan

Thanks for your help Gerald! I can’t believe it was as simple as one trigger on the ‘Ret Quiz’ button.

Since I submitted Case #01332579, I now need help with something else in my project and was hoping one or both of you might know what the issue is.

The navigation is not working on ‘Learning Check’ question slides 3.7, 3.8, 4.4, 4.10, 5.5, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 12.6 & 13.4. When learners answer a Learning Check, regardless of whether they got the question correct or not, once they advance to the next slide, I want them to be able to click the custom ‘Prev’ button I created on that slide to be able to navigate back to the ‘Learning Check’ slide.

In my project I have created my own custom ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons which I haven’t used on the ‘Learning Check’ slides. In ‘Slide Properties’ I have set the ‘When revisiting’ property to ‘Automatically decide’. When I tested the navigation in our learning management system, (I clicked the ‘Prev’ button on slide 4.1 ISMAA Program Support Services – Introduction, to take me back to slide 3.8 ISMAA Program Industry Mentors Career Attributes – Learning Check), SL2 displayed the answer I had previously selected as well as the inbuilt ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons which is what I want, except that when I click the SL2 inbuilt ‘Next’ button, the slide doesn’t advance to slide 4.1 again. I am stuck on slide 3.8 (Learning Check). The only way I can advance to slide 4.1 from slide 3.8 (Learning Check) is by clicking the inbuilt ‘Prev’ button but that logic is not right i.e. you have to move backwards (clicking inbuilt ‘Prev’ button) to move forwards to the next slide.

Can you please advise the following:

1. how can I set my project up so that learners can freely navigate between the normal slides and the ‘Learning Check’ slides? Do I need to create some sort of trigger on the SL2 inbuilt ‘Next’ button on every ‘Learning Check’ slide? I also want learners to be able to click the SL2 inbuilt ‘Prev’ button on a ‘Learning Check’ slide to be able to view the previous slide.

2. how do I get learners to navigate between more than one ‘Learning Check’ slide in a row when I don’t have my custom ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons on them? For example, I have three ‘Learning Check’ slides in a row 7.3 ISMAA Eligibility – Q1, 7.4 ISMAA Eligibility – Q2 and 7.5 ISMAA Eligibility – Q3. If a learner is on slide 7.5 for example and wants to go back and view slide 7.4, how can they do that? Do I need to add custom ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons with triggers on the slide and/or ‘Incorrect’ and ‘Correct’ layers for learners to be able to navigate between these slides? Or do I need to enable the SL2 inbuilt ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons in ‘Slide navigation controls’ with triggers on the slide and/or ‘Incorrect’ and ‘Correct’ layers? Can you please advise?

1. when a learner clicks the custom ‘Prev’ button on one of the slides to go back to a ‘Learning Check’ slide I don’t want them to be able to have another go at answering the ‘Learning Check’ question. I want them to see the original answer they submitted/SL2 saved. Do I need to keep the ‘When revisiting’ property in ‘Slide Properties’ on the ‘Learning Check’ slides as ‘Automatically decide’ or change it to ‘Resume saved state’?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you need me to send my project confidentially to again or if you still have the originally file.



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