Retrying question banks

May 13, 2014

Hi guys,

We are using variables for each of our standard questions that are changed to True when the user gets teh question correct. This way we use triggers on the main layer that if the variable is true the question is answered by the triggers. That way the user only sees the questions they haven't got correct.

I'm trying to do this with the question that are inside question banks. I have four question banks and for some reason the percentage on the results page glitches, yet once you answer the last question it says you didn't pass at 75% (all questions answered correctly) and when you click Retry the score updates to 100%.

I set all question within each question bank to check the same variable. That way if they get question 1 the first time, when they reset they may get question 2. So one variable for all questions. This seems to work, but the score issue is a big problem.

Any thoughts?


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Jason Tilley

Hey Ashley,

I don't reset the variable as the variable is only adjusted to true if they reach the Correct layer. I think I found my problem. One trigger was coded wrongly. I ended up publishing to the LMS and running through the LMS debugger. Saw that one interaction answer was submitted as 'undefined' which lead me to investigate that particular question slide.

Thanks very much!


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