Return to the main slide with buttons at visited state

I have two buttons on slide 1.2.  I want the learner to go through the AUDIT button first.  When they are done, it comes back to slide 1.2 and AUDIT shows a visited state and DAST is in the normal state.  After the learner completes all of the DAST I would like it be in a visited state too.  I have tried several options and can't seem to get it to work correctly.

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Michael Shannon

Hey Kendra. This is a common challenge. Visited is a temporary state. 

If you create a new custom state on your buttons (I usually call mine "completed") and use the formatting/look of your visited state you can use that with success. Just change your triggers/variables to reflect this change. 

Michael Shannon

Kendra, here's an example that uses three button that link to three different pages. The Next button is locked until all pages are visited. This may help guide you to the answer.

Are you clicking on your button in edit mode and clicking the "States" menu next to "TImeline?" That's your ticket to creating that extra state. 

Michael Hinze
Christy Andrews

Hi, I'm having a similar issue to Kendra and have tried following all the steps in the buttons2 story that Michael attached above.  I can move through the course, however the next button stays disabled.  Any suggestions on how to get the next button to work?

Can you share your .story file here so that someone can have a look at the trigger setup?