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Sep 29, 2015

Hello all,

I have a bulleted list. Each item on the list has a sub-bullet. I would like users upon first entering the slide to see the bullets but have the option to then reveal the sub-bullets if they desire. Ideally I'd like them to be able to click on a particular bullet and reveal only that sub-bullet but I think that would require javascript and unless someone can point me to a javascript template I'm not skilled enough to be able to program that myself. Below is the text I'm working with. 


  • Exceptional HD video image quality
    • With up to HD resolution, OmniJoin™ provides crisp, well-defined images so meeting attendees can see each other – and share content – clearly.
  • Meeting modes
    • One-click meeting configuration - predefined meeting room templates designed for particular meeting formats
  • Collaboration
    • Share desktops, presentations, applications, media and more through the OmniJoin™ web conferencing interface. Innovative meeting tools allow members to annotate, whiteboard and make live edits to files for real time collaboration.
  • Integrated audio feature
    • Use VoIP, dial-in, or a combination of the two. Audio connections are controlled by the meeting host.
  • Lync® integration
    • With this plug-in, there is no need to leave your instant messaging system when you want to meet or collaborate with your contacts
  • Seamless performance
    • Enjoy consistent online meeting quality with automatic bandwidth adjustment, tailored to each attendee’s equipment and environment.
  • Admin controls
    • IT professionals can control security levels and features to truly customize how users can interact with the service
  • Peace of mind
    • Secure encrypted communication and free customer support for the life of your license make OmniJoin™ web conferencing a smart and worry-free choice.
  • Record & Playback
    • Record meetings in MP4 format and store locally for easy reference or store to the cloud for easy sharing – never miss a meeting again!
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Jason Reed

Hi Jesse,

The other way I'd do this is to separate the main bullet and sub bullet as separate text boxes.
Set the sub bullets to all have an initial state of hidden.
Then set up a trigger that says: When user clicks Text Box 1, Change State of Sub Bullet 1 to normal.
Then you can just copy and paste that trigger and change Text Box 1 to Text Box 2 and Sub Bullet 1 to Sub Bullet 2 etc. A little fiddly to set up, but it should do the trick.

The only other thing to remember (which you probably thought of already) is to include instructions for the user. Something like, "Click on each bullet to learn more".

Good luck!

Jesse Kramer

Jason, Great minds think alike. Leslies suggestion got me thinking then on my commute home yesterday I had the same ideas as you just suggested. I'm working on it right now. Trying to work out the details of hiding the text again but I'm getting there. The biggest problem is that I have more text than will fit on the screen if I show it all at once. That's part of why I'm going down this path. Thanks for all the help. This is why I love Articulate products so much. 

Jesse Kramer

Ok, I've got the slide basically set up but now I can't get the behavior right.  I'm working on the What does it do layer and and something is not set right but I can't figure out what. I'm hoping that another set of eyes will help. If you preview and start selecting items you'll see that not all of the selections cause the desired text to appear. I'll keep plugging away at this but any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Jason Reed

I think I see what you're saying Jesse. You've done well to set up so many triggers, but it's getting pretty complicated.

Now that I've seen it, it might be worth changing this to more slides and layers...

So rather than each of your icons: What does it do, Competitive Advantage etc. going to layers, I'd link these each to it's own slide and then have the layers on top of that. When you're done with that section, just jump back to your OmniJoin slide.

What I'm thinking is that each of your points eg. Collaboration, Integrated Audio Feature etc. should show a different layer with only the relevant information shown on the right. This will free up your screen real estate as well. 

So, you click "What Does it Do? > Jump to new slide, click Exceptional HD video image quality > show layer with just that content. Click meeting modes > show layer with just that content.
When you're done with What Doe it Do? > Jump back to OmniJoin slide.

Hope this helps. Let me know if it doesn't make sense.

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